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Embody Physical Therapy, also known as  Michele Kreisberg Palmer MSPT, ATMAT, RYT, CMT,  is a small clinic dedicated to holistic and inspired health care and well-being. Michele’s physical therapy background coupled with 16 years of  manual therapy experience  provide a vast foundation to treat the root of your pain and functional issues.  Through a variety of hands-on/manual therapies, movement, breath, therapeutic yoga, awareness training, and self care practices, she integrates traditional western medicine, eastern health practices and philosophy, and the Arvigo technique of Maya Abdominal TherapyTM. Michele will help you discover creative and effective ways to address your specific health care needs.

Michele is passionate about educating, inspiring, and empowering  women to  understand their bodies so they may heal  and care for unresolved, limiting, and frustrating health care issues. As a pelvic health specialist, she focuses much of her practice on pelvic pain, painful intercourse, menstrual issues, fertility, endometriosis pain, interstitial cystitis, pregnancy and postpartum care, organ prolapse, urinary/fecal incontinence,  digestive issues, coccygodynia,  sacro-iliac dysfunction, vulvodynia,  and vaginismus. Michele is also very skilled at working with low back back, spinal health, neck pain, headaches, and TMJ dysfunction.

Michele  assists men with pelvic health issues, helping them find resolve with chronic prostatitis, post-prostatectomy issues, pelvic pain, bladder health, digestive disturbances, and chronic pelvic congestion.

Michele has offices in Sioux City, Iowa and Boulder, Colorado

We heal and attain optimum health by cultivating
a deep understanding and relationship with our body.

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