Women’s Health

As women, we experience our femininity through the dynamic relationships we have with our bodies illuminating strength, fluidity, flexibility and intuition. Our female wisdom stems from our synchronicity with nature, through our connection to the rhythms of the moon and the passages of our monthly menses, to childbearing and nurturing, and finally settling into menopause.

Today’s fast pace of life and cultural pressure to conform to idealized images often cause women to become disconnected from the wisdom of their bodies. Many women experience injury through the birthing process, physical and emotional abuse, surgery and repetitive physical patterns that often prevent us from staying attuned to our innate needs. In time, this separation and detachment gradually results in the development of numerous health concerns specific to women.

As we gain greater experiential understanding of our bodies and how they function, we can apply this knowledge to how we care for and nourish ourselves. The more we nourish ourselves, the more we can respond to the needs of others and reach our full potential as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, wives, and grandmothers.

When we are in tune with our bodies, we are self-empowered,
sensitive, and able to reach for the moon!

Women’s Health Concerns

Women’s Health Therapies covers an age range from early teenage menstruation years through childbearing, post-partum, and into menopause. In any of these phases, young and older women alike, often experience a variety of physical and emotional symptoms and sensations that can be addressed so you do not have to “live” with them any longer.

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