At Embody Physical Therapy, the standard of my practice is set by the experience and success of my clients; after all, my business is helping each of my clients to achieve optimal health in their lives.

I am proud to share with you a few of my clients’ stories and sentiments.

“Michele is an amazing physical therapist with a unique combination of abilities. I suffered from vulvodynia for years and had almost resigned myself to living with it forever. I had seen other women’s health physical therapists and had made minimal progress. Michele approached my problem holistically, helping me to understand and mentally re-frame my condition. She used deep-tissue massage to change the fascia, turned me on to a new complimentary yoga practice, reworked the pain pathways, and used a variety of healing techniques that were so seamlessly fused together. I felt respected and cared for, as all the sessions were long and thorough enough to deeply experience areas of my body that were previously inaccessible.  I discovered so much about my body and how to take care of myself; how to work with my body rather than resist it. I am fully recovered, have no pain and am living a happy, healthier life.  I highly recommend Michele!”

A.H., school teacher,  Boulder

“Michele is, by far, the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She combines such extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal and myofascial structure with exquisite sensitivity to how my various physical problems fit together. After I had my baby, I had trouble with urinary leakage. Michele’s gentle yet thorough approach helped me strengthen my pelvic floor and the problem healed completely.”

Paula S., PhD.  psychotherapist, Boulder

“Over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with BPH and my urologist started me on meds which really didn’t help that much. I had some pelvic pain, which was diagnosed as prostatitis and was prescribed further medications, which did not alleviate any of my symptoms. Luckily, a new Urologist referred me to Michele and she has helped me significantly with my prostate and urinary problems. Most importantly, she proved to me my discomfort was not due to infection but rather to pelvic muscle imbalances. Shortly after she began treating me, my symptoms, which I had for years, significantly improved.”

Dr. Dave B

“Before seeing Michele, I had been living with chronic pain in my bladder, kidneys, and lower back for 10 years . The pain was often so  severe  that I ended up in the hospital multiple times. After being misdiagnosed for years, I was finally given a diagnosis of  interstitial cystitis.  After a few months of weekly visits with Michele , I was pain-free and able to return to many activities I had let go of because of the pain.  Following Michele’s home program and self-care, I continue to be pain and symptom free years later . Sex is wonderful and I have no pain!  Michele is the only physical therapist I have gone to that combines physical therapy, women’s health, yoga, nutrition, and hands-on care. I went from being in intense pain and struggling to exercise, hike, run, ski or even having sex, to living the active life I’ve always wanted.”

Lorraine, human resources management, Boulder

“Michele’s masterful skills, delicious slow pace, and patient exploration helped me feel so safe and relaxed that I could receive the deepest levels of touch and profound healing at all levels.

B.S., Boulder


“Unlike other PT’s I worked with after my accident, Michele treated me like a whole person and not just a group of injured parts. Her work facilitated amazing changes; I have not felt this light, physically or mentally, in many years.”

Ann S.

“Michele is a miracle worker She helped ease  my pregnancy aches and pains. I followed some of Michele’s natural childbirth options and had an amazing experience. Now we are working on recovering from the birthing process: I am getting back in shape and feel stronger and more confident in my body every day. As a bonus she is an incredible person: kind, knowledgeable, inspiring and very gifted. I highly recommend!!!”

Magda, chemist and mother of 2

“In nearly two decades of practice Michele has helped our community with all kinds of daily stress-related challenges; overcoming accidents, chronic health issues, abuse, and surgery recovery. Many of my friends and I have had profound healing experiences under her care. She has strong petite fingers that allow access into some wonderful spots that are often hard to reach. Last but not least, she has a special gift for women’s health issues.”

Bonnie, yogi extraordinaire

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